Home Maintenance Tips

  1. Cleaning is a major part of preventive maintenance.
  2. Schedule a time for maintenance, once every three months clean freezer coils, etc.
  3. Direct sunlight and water are two of your home’s biggest enemies. Make sure you have no water leaks anywhere and keep direct sunlight off carpets,wood floors, etc.
  4. Keep all moving parts of a component clean and lubricated.
  5. Purchase “professional” floor mats and place them outside and inside each entrance.
  6. Change filters often, very often.
  7. If sealants are recommended, definitely seal. Remember to renew your sealant at regular intervals.
  8. Use products for intended use only, don’t overload the unit beyond its normal capacity.
  9. Test all ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) devices, as identified in the inspection report.
  10. Test the garage overhead door opener to make sure the auto-reverse mechanism is responding correctly.
  11. Replace or clean exhaust hood filters.
  12. Paint the exterior as needed to keep moisture from getting into the wood and causing wood rot.
  13. Have the heating and cooling serviced once a year to keep it running efficiently.
  14. Monitor the perimeter of the home to look for termites and insects entering the home. Should be inspected annually by a service company.