Thank you again for your service and sending the report so quickly. My friend in Houston also an agent was complimenting your work as being a very clean report. She has been in business for 30 years so she was impressed with your work. Just wanted to share it with you.

Judy A.


**I cannot recommend Larry enough!***

We had a shorter than average option period for a home we are looking to buy. I called Larry this past weekend in somewhat of a panic and he was able to pencil me in as soon as Monday. He arrived at the house in the late afternoon and performed a home and termite inspection. By 9 PM that evening, we had the full report typed up containing lots of detailed information as well as recommendations. Since receiving the report, I have been in contact with Larry twice with questions and he has taken calls from our roofers, as well. I know Larry’s schedule is very busy so it is extremely impressive how he makes time to promptly return calls and never rushes through a conversation.

Larry is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, courteous, and overall, a Grade A inspector!

Samantha A.


Very professional and helpful! We were very pleased with how thorough he was and how accommodating he was since we were kind of in a time crunch. Great find!!!

Lydia M.


Larry is professional. We have had appointment on Jun/06 2pm. When the time he showed up on 1:57pm, I knew he is the right guy we are looking for. He is detailed and informative. I was with him while he was doing the inspection job, he gave me a lot of tips for housing maintenance.


Larry is a professional individual who was also very informative during the inspection. He showed tip and tricks that can keep your house in pristine condition for the coming years. My schedule was very last minute but Larry was flexible and accommodating.

Jeff W.


I am writing this one day after the Home Inspection, based on my experience in the past 24 hours. We have not moved into the home yet, so this review is just an initial “view” to be updated after we move in.

So – I called Larry at 1:00 on Tuesday, and needed an immediate inspection for a home that we had to close quickly. Larry had an appointment for the next day which was great. Communication was excellent, responsiveness impeccable. Then, I contacted him, and said – “Look is there any chance you could do this, even sooner, let’s say later today? (also Tuesday)”.
In short, he moved things around, worked with us, and he was in the house by 3pm the same day – 2 hours after my first call. We were under pressure so this was appreciated.He was thorough and hard working, and the report was impeccably detailed. I got the report by 9pm. All in the same day. We are closing in a month, and cross our fingers, all will work out, but Larry was good natured, flexible, hard working, and detailed in our experience so far. You can’t ask for more than that at this stage. I would definitely recommend.



Larry is truly very passionate and genuine about home inspections. As s first time home buyer I had many questions, he took the time to walk me through his process as he thoroughly inspected the home. I learned a lot from him and will recommend him to anybody in the home buying process. Thanks again Larry!

Scott S.


My husband and I used Larry’s services for our first home purchase, and he was fantastic. Very thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly! We were working with a short option period, and he was able to squeeze us into his schedule on very short notice. Larry provided an excellent report of his inspection, complete with pictures, and provided us with tips and advice on how to resolve particular issues. He truly works with his customer’s best interest in mind. We would use his services again without hesitation!

Melissa W.


Larry went above and beyond to re inspect the home we were buying when the sellers were slow in making repairs. He is prompt, trustworthy, and very responsive when contacted. His report was thorough and he even shared tips and maintenance advice as he went through the report. Larry is down-to-earth and knows his stuff. His experience and expertise really gave us peace of mind in buying our new home.

Laurie R.


Larry was great – arrived on time, was thorough, took great pictures, and provided excellent advice and service.

Weston S.


Larry showed up on time, and he did a very thorough job. He explained all the issues and made suggestions on how to fix them. We found a hole where the wires go into the house, which needs to be covered. Larry went to his truck and cut me a piece of wire and showed me to how to fix it right there and then. He went above and beyond of what I had expected. In summary, very professional, courteous service. Not to mention that you can’t beat the price with the Yelp coupon. The house is a bit over 1,000 sqft with a pool and a sprinkler system; and the total came to $345.

Wei W.